Next week were going camping with our class. Most of the time were going to be on the beach, were going to be setting up activities to do on the beach. Then we’ll be doing big games like kick the can. The best part is going to be the camp fire I love camp fires. We’ll all be sleeping in tents with groups of 5 my group is Tyler, Easton, Tyrone, and Eric. I can’t wait.  Have you ever been camping with your class?


Hello today I’m going to talk about justice. There are different types of justice but I’m talking about the justice system, with a court decision, here it is.

Passage: “If a teenager does the same crime as an adult, he or she should have the same punishment”

Response: I agree and disagree because an adult should know better. Also adults have more experience with what to do and what not to do. Teenagers are still figuring it out. My solution is to give teenagers a warning first, and then if they do it again they get the same consequence as an adult unless the teenager did something major then they do the same punishment as an adult right away.

do you agree with me or not?


So far we’ve went sailing two times. The first time there was lots of sun it was a bit windy but perfect for sailing. On the first day I thought we were going fast but the second day it was really windy. lots of water splashed up to the boat and got us wet and I didn’t bring a spare change of clothes. I had to tough it out it was cold but I just stayed inside. Next time I’m going to need a spare change of clothes.

Dealing With Adversity

   If you want to see this glog in it’s original click here.

I was reading Kensuke’s Kingdom for the past month. I chose it for my glog because it has many challenges the main charactor faces. Have you ever read this book? did you like it?

Does a seed have life?

Habenaro seedlings by peter baerMy opinion is that it matters where seeds are so they can grow.  If it was outside in the soil and it was moist it would grow and would be a living thing. Also it would grow into a plant which is a living thing. If it was inside a house or school and with nothing to help it wouldn’t be a living thing. Here are the questions to see if it’s a living thing.

Can it grow and develop?

Can it reproduce to make more of it’s own kind?

Can it make or get food?

Can it use food?

 Can it sense and react to it’s surroundings?

Tell me what you think it is a living thing or non living thing?

picture by: Peter Baer

Earth Appreciation

Chirping sounds of birds everywhere bushes high and low and little bugs flying around looking up

through the trees you can see sunlight beaming through and smelling fresh breezy air looking

around seeing arched over trees with logs and flowers and plants on the ground feeling the moss

beneath you and feeling the smooth and spiky rocks and roots and listening to the swaying trees

I love our earth and wouldn’t want to harm it

My Ipod Touch

My ipod Touch 32GB, today by Dan HA couple of days ago I got an iPod touch. It took me hours to figure out how to put music and games on it finally I got it and put lots of games on. It took me so long because I never had an iPod before. Now I’ve been trying to get on the Internet with it I can’t wait till I find out how to, so far I love iPod touches.

Do you have an iPod touch?

Picture by Dan H

My Five Wishes

1. To be an NHL hockey player because I love hockey and I would get paid a lot of money.

2. To stop all wars because too many people are dieing or getting injured.

3. I could fly because I could relax and look at great views and get anywhere with having fun.

4. Candy was healthy 

5. There was no diseases because so many people get sick with diseases and they hurt a lot.

The 2010 Olympics

Hello reader’s, I loved the 2010 winter olympics. My favorite Olympic game was ice hockey I liked it because all of the games were even and fun to watch with all the action. What was your favorite Olympic game? I also liked the Olympic mascots my favorite mascot was quatchi. What was your favorite Olympic mascot? What did you like about the 2010 Olympics?

 Head in The Clouds by Ecstaticist

 Picture by: Ecstaticist