Christmas Pivot by Ben from Jan Smith on Vimeo.

 For the last couple of days our class has been working on our pivot stick man projects. It’s been a lot work  the worst part was when I saved my project and I didn’t know where I saved it but luckily I found it. Some people had to restart. There was lots of steps first you had to make your animation on pivot. Second you had too do credits and your title on windows movie maker. Then you had to upload our movie to vimeo to get it on our blogs. Either than that making the movie was super fun.

Mount Washington

  Mount Washington is opening I am so exited. Do you have a mountain around your area that you ski or snowboard at? I can’t wait to go skiing. I like down hill skiing expecialy really steep hills.

  I would like to try snowboarding this year it looks like fun. My cousins snowboard and they love it. First I would like to get better at skiing because I just started.

On Mount Washington they also have a tubing zone. You go on tubes and you go down hills but you can only pick out of three hills. You can join with a couple of other people or friends and join tubes and go down the hill together. You can also get one of the workers up top to spin you. Have you ever been to a snow tubing place?

air time planetlightpicture by: planetlight

Antarctica Webcast

 Our class is exploring things about Antarctica with two scientists named Dr. Hawke and Dr. Kanatous they both went to Antarctica for about two months. There was lots of classes at the web cast too.

  It took a long time to set up the web cast. At the web cast I learned that Weddell seals stay away from predators by diving deep in the water. They can hold there breathe for a really long time underwater.

  One of the classes asked a question the question was is there any hotels or stores in the Antarctic? The anser was no he said there was only a small store, a gas station and a small hotel.

 I wish I could go to the Antarctic but it would be cold. A storm there would be really scary. When the scientists went to Antarctica they got to see a storm. They said it was like seeing white everywhere. It wasn’t because it was snowing really hard its because of the snow on the ground the wind picks it up and it moves around fast. Do you know anything about Antarctica?