My Five Wishes

1. To be an NHL hockey player because I love hockey and I would get paid a lot of money.

2. To stop all wars because too many people are dieing or getting injured.

3. I could fly because I could relax and look at great views and get anywhere with having fun.

4. Candy was healthy 

5. There was no diseases because so many people get sick with diseases and they hurt a lot.

The 2010 Olympics

Hello reader’s, I loved the 2010 winter olympics. My favorite Olympic game was ice hockey I liked it because all of the games were even and fun to watch with all the action. What was your favorite Olympic game? I also liked the Olympic mascots my favorite mascot was quatchi. What was your favorite Olympic mascot? What did you like about the 2010 Olympics?

 Head in The Clouds by Ecstaticist

 Picture by: Ecstaticist