Does a seed have life?

Habenaro seedlings by peter baerMy opinion is that it matters where seeds are so they can grow.  If it was outside in the soil and it was moist it would grow and would be a living thing. Also it would grow into a plant which is a living thing. If it was inside a house or school and with nothing to help it wouldn’t be a living thing. Here are the questions to see if it’s a living thing.

Can it grow and develop?

Can it reproduce to make more of it’s own kind?

Can it make or get food?

Can it use food?

 Can it sense and react to it’s surroundings?

Tell me what you think it is a living thing or non living thing?

picture by: Peter Baer

3 thoughts on “Does a seed have life?

  1. Thank you Ben for your opinion on if a seed is a living thing. I would have to agree with you that it depends on the situation. A seed would answer yes to all of those questions if it had the right conditions to grow.

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